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Tanning may help fight Vitamin D deficiencies

Researchers have recently found evidence that people living in Northern countries may be at a higher risk for Vitamin D deficiency. In northern countries such as Canada, the low level of light during the winter months may lead to Vitamin D deficiencies among the population. The majority of Vitamin D within our bodies is produced by sunlight (UVB rays) hitting the skin.

A recent research study conducted in Great Britain has indicated that 87% of the population around 45 years of age has a Vitamin D deficiency during the winter months. This is a staggering statistic. This deficiency can have serious consequences if it is not corrected. With a Vitamin D deficiency you are at more of a risk to develop certain types of cancers. This deficiency has also been linked to increased numbers of heart disease cases in Northern regions compared to regions closer to the equator.

So now you may be wondering, “How can I correct a Vitamin D deficiency?” Some people may substitute real UVB rays with herbal Vitamin D supplements. This works, but it is not always the best answer. The best way for your body to correct a Vitamin D deficiency is to supply it with the light it needs. Natural production is always the best correction method. An easy way to start correcting this deficiency is through the use of a tanning bed such as those used by Sunday‚Äôs Blue Box Tanning Resorts. This will supply the UVB rays which will help to increase your daily intake of Vitamin D and defend against potentially life-threatening diseases.

Visit the American Academy of Pediatrics for additional info on Vitamin D and its uses in protecting against disease.