Vitamin D – Should You Tan Or Take Supplements?

With so much recent news surrounding the importance of sufficient levels of Vitamin D, many people are wondering the same thing: is it better to get your Vitamin D needs from the sun or from various supplements?

While doctors around the world and non-profit organizations like are advocating increasing one’s daily intake of Vitamin D by as much as 2,000 IU per day, the little research that has been done regarding Vitamin D and its full effects on the human body lead to mixed opinions about what source of Vitamin D is the best.

Many people recommend Vitamin D supplements because they are found in many common foods, like fortified milk, and can be taken at one’s convenience. Skin care advocates also push supplements because getting Vitamin D this way lets you avoid potentially harmful aspects of UV rays in sunlight.

What these supplemental Vitamin D activists don’t tell you is that Vitamin D is not actually a Vitamin at all. It is a hormone that is synthesized naturally by the body to strengthen bones, fortify organs, and perform many other functions at the center of mounds of research. Thus, ingesting supplemental Vitamin D, whether through milk, fish oil, or comprehensive vitamins, is unnecessary if the body is meant to make them on its own.

Fifteen minute strolls in the sun, or 10 minutes in the tanning bed, are effective ways to naturally produce more than enough Vitamin D that your body needs daily. Synthetic Vitamin D, which is found in supplements, is actually harmful to your body when taken in large amounts because it can cause too much calcium to build up in the blood. The body, when making its own Vitamin D from light, regulates the amount of Vitamin D it makes, storing the extra for later, and prevents harm from being done by making too much.

Until more data is gathered and results can be verified, utilize tanning salons, such as Sunday’s Tanning Resorts, or walking outdoors for 15 minutes a day to get your daily Vitamin D.

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  • I think supplements outweighs outside tanning. Supplements are so convenient, cause it can be found on many forms like you said, and specially you don't have to worry about getting sunburn.

  • I think it’s good to have vitamin D in a natural way like facing the sunrise at the morning because other says that it’s good to our body, sunlight between 6am to 9am gives vitamin D to our body. Also we can take supplements but in moderate mode only.

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