Get Fit with Physedge FIT!

Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort is the only place in Hampton Roads that has the Physedge FIT system for helping you burn fat and tone your body. Just one session in the FIT can burn as many as a thousand calories…and all you have to do is relax and let it do its thing!

Our members have asked what it is about the FIT that works so well. We hope this video will illustrate the amazing secrets of the FIT system. You can also contact us on our main website to find out where you can “get fit”!

Tanned women live longer (as long as you sunbathe sensibly), say scientists

Women who regularly sunbathe live longer, a leading cancer specialist has claimed.

Hakan Olsson says his research shows the health benefits of exposure to sunlight ‘far outweigh’ the danger of skin cancer.

He said vitamin D produced by the body when tanning gives vital protection against blood clots, diabetes and some tumours.

But the professor’s claims, based on a study of 40,000 women, sharply contradict warnings that sun exposure is behind soaring levels of skin cancer.
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Top Ten Reasons to Tan at Sundays Blue Box

Our new website is almost done! Until it launches, let’s remind you why Sundays Blue Box is the Best in Hampton Roads!

1. No long term commitments – renew your membership month to month.

2. All lotion purchases come with a 100% tanning rebate! Buy a $60 bottle of lotion, get $60 worth of Blue Bucks free!

3. The finest tanning equipment in the world – imported from Europe.

4. Memberships start at only $18.88 a month and are good at all locations.

5. Receive a $20 cash referral bonus when your friends buy a membership.

6. Extended hours – all locations are open 7AM – 10 PM weekdays, 8AM – 7PM weekends.

7. We have the best Smart Tan certified consultants on staff.

8. We’re the largest tanning salon chain in Hampton Roads. There’s one near you.

9. Our tanning lamps are always fresh – we change them 400 hours before they’re due.

10. Our Tanners Points Reward Program – ask us about it!